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Bob Dylan

1958 & 1959 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 0 shows
Date VenueTitleStorageLabel/SourceSoundInfo
1958-00-00Hibbing, MNTen Million In A Week2CDrHollow Horn hometapeB-Zimmerman Home Tape/See compilations: part of Hollow Horn Performing Artist Vol 1
1958-00-00Hibbing, MNJohn Bucklen Tape1CDrDandelion 077-78 monoCEarliest tape known of the young Bob Dylan, trying out songs and conversating with friend John Bucklen. Plus Interviews with old pals about old days. Part of I Was So Much Younger Than, Volume 1. See Compilations
1958-1963VariousI Was So Much Younger Than: Volume I&II4CDrDandelion 075/076/077/0781-8Earliest known recording of an adolescent Robert Zimmerman, and then hopscotchs its way through some of the earliest, and least known Dylan recordings.