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Brian Wilson
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1991-00-00-Sweet Insanity, millenium edition1CDrHAL/StudioAAllmusic review by Matthew Greenwald: Some unreleased albums are better left unreleased, and this one, quite frankly, is a good example. Recorded and written after Brian Wilson's fine 1988 Sire debut, Sweet Insanity is almost more of a Eugene Landy album than a Brian Wilson effort. Landy has been described as both the man who saved Brian's life as well as a man who was a Svengali who exerted an overkill of control to "rehabilitate" this gifted musician. Most of the record is overbaked both lyrically and musically, with a feeling of sitting in on a therapy session rather than a recording. Some of it is unlistenable, and the mark of Brian Wilson only surfaces rarely. For diehard collectors and the brave of heart.