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Bob Dylan

1981 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 54 shows, 68 different songs played * * * * * GOSPEL TOUR
DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/setlist/info
1981-04&05-00Los Angeles, CA Clover Recorders studioClover Studio 1981 (Empress Valley Supreme Disk)Flac/1CDEmpress Valley/SbdA+Outtakes and alternative recordings from (part of) the Shot Of Love recording sessions.
1981-03/05Los Angeles, CA Clover RecordersWhere the Monkey Dances2CDrHollow Horn/studioAShot of Love recordings. See Compilations: Hollow Horn Studio Outtakes vol 5
1981-06-28London, Earls CourtWays of the Flesh2CDrThinman 048/498.5Disc 1 wrong trackorder-
1981-07-10Drammen, DrammenhalleIn the Summertime2CDrDandelion 022-23/Sbd9-
1981-07-14Bad Segeberg, FreilichttheaterHanging In The BalanceFlac/4LPMAY-RECORDS 14781 (1-4)8(Incomplete) Vinyl Transfer by JTT
1981-07-21Wien, Wiener StadthalleThe Zimmerman's JoyFlacAVE 002 A, B, C, D, E, FB+Taken from a colored vinyl box with three records.
1981-07-25Avignon, Palais Des SportsAvignon2CDr/taoMoonlight 9517/18/Sbd9.5-
1981-11-12Houston, TX, The SummitLucky Shot Live2CDrVagabound Wilbury Recordings 009-010/Sbd9-