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Bob Dylan 2001 Never Ending Tour

Touring Band
Bob Dylan: vocal, electric and acoustic guitar, harmonica
Larry Campbell: electric and acoustic guitar, back-up vocal, fiddle, pedal steel and lap steel guitar, electric & acoustic slide guitar, dobro, bouzouki, mandolin
Charlie Sexton: electric and acoustic guitar, back-up vocal
Tony Garnier: double bass and bass guitar
David Kemper: drums & percussion

In six legs Dylan’s Never Ending Tour brings visits to Japan (winter), Australia (spring), US (spring), Europe (summer), US (summer) and, with 35 concert the longest leg, US (fall).
Apart of the first three concerts the structure of the show is a steady one, with 4 acoustic songs, 4 electric, 3 acoustic and a mix of 5-7 encores.

The year ‘opens’ with two surprises for Dylan himself: in January he receives a Golden Globe Award for Things Have Changed in the category Best Original Song. Two months later an Oscar for the same song follows. He is so proud of the second prize that he shows the statue playful to his public in Liverpool. In the following years it is given a permanent place on his concert stage.
Again Dylan opens every concert with an acoustic (religious) cover or traditional. And again Dylan plays heavily changed set lists night after night. 12 new songs compared to the night before is no exception. In the US spring tour Dylan plays 62 different songs in 14 concerts.

In May Dylan and his band do the Love And Theft recording sessions in New York City. None of the long awaited songs are played in concerts until after the release. In his book One More Night, Bob Dylan’s Never Ending Tour Andrew Muir suggests that Dylan is afraid bootleggers of his concerts will have the new songs on the market sooner than his record company. That’s funny considering the phrase Some Of The Bootleggers, They Make Pretty Good Stuff in the new song Sugar Baby. It becomes the title of an excellent bootleg as well.

Love and Theft is released on the day than changed the world, September 11. The day of the terrorist attacks on World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City and Pentagon military complex in Washington, DC. Dylan does not speak a word about the disaster on stage when he resumes work in Spokane on October 5, nor when he visits New York City on November 19. Although he plays a regular set list, many of his (old) songs in Madison Square Garden get a current meaning.

Recommended bootlegs
Some of the Bootleggers, they make pretty good Stuff (Euroboot EB 101-2). Complete show Washington 2001-10-05 with the debut of the Love And Theft material, plus incredible bonustracks from the following day in Seattle.
San José 2001 ( Rattle Snake  RS 170/71). Suberb soundboard recording of San José, CA  October 12.

2001 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 112 shows, 125 different songs played, 8 live debuts (2 covers)
DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/setlist/info
2001-00-00variousLove and Theft LiveFlac/1CDFilou FLU 00582001 Compilation with a package modeled after the official release. The debut performance of each song from october and november is used. Bye and Bye is missing because it was first performed at the end of 2002.
2001-02-25Omiya, Sonic City Main Hall2001 First ShowFlac/2CDZion – 085 LB-12276A-
2001-03-06Osaka, Koseinenkin KaikanThe Osaka Tapes2CDrEuro Boots 86-28-
2001-03-06Osaka, Koseinenkin KaikanThe Best Show Osaka 2001 1st NightFlac/2CDZion-077A-
2001-03-07Osaka, Koseinenkin KaikanThe Next NightFlac/2CDNon labelA-
2001-03-09Fukuoka, SunPalaceHALLELUJAHFlac/2CDSylph Records 030974A-
2001-03-10Hiroshima, Kosei-Nenkin HallLand Beyond The SunFlac/2CDrAnaconda 061/628Pro CDr release
2001-03-25Sydney, Centennial ParkRoving GamblerFlac/2CDHello Cobber / BDCP01 8On the same day Dylan taped Things Have Changed in the TCN-9 Studios for the Oscar Awards Ceremony in Los Angeles, CA.
Filler from Tamworth, Australia, 2001-03-23.
2001-03-30BrisbaneEntertainment Centre2CDrLB-6126 BachA-
2001-03-31BallinaAustralia Kingsford Smith Park2CDrLB-2924 SchubertA--
2001-04-18Boulder, COCoors Event Center University2CDr-A--
2001-04-24Columbia, MIKearnes Center2CDr-A-
2001-05-01Asheville, Civic CenterThings Have Changed2CDrIMC Recordings BD050101 A/B9-
2001-05-04Atlanta, GA-2CDr-A-
2001-06-24TrondheimTorget SentrumFlac/2CDUnreleased Crystal Cat RecordsA--
2001-06-26Bergen, NygaardsparkenBergen 20012CDrCrystal Cat Records 585-869-9.5Bonustrack Humming Bird live debut in Krogshaven, June 28.
2001-06-29Gothenburg TrädgårdsföreningenGothenburg 20012CDrCrystal Cat Records 587-889.5-
2001-07-03Borgholms SlottBorgholm 20012CDrCrystal Cat Records 589-909.5-
2001-07-12Liverpool, King's DockLiverpool 20012CDrCrystal Cat Records 608-099glitches in last track both discs.
2001-07-13StirlingStirling Castle2CDrCrystal Cat Records 610-119glitches in last track disc 1
2001-10-05Spokane, WASome of the Bootleggers, they make pretty good Stuff2CDEuroboot 101-29Original silverdics; Love And Theft material for the first time played. Live debuts Wait For The Light To Shine, Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum, Summer Days, Sugar Baby, Honest With Me.
2001-10-05Spokane, WASpokane 2001Flac/2CDCrystal Cat Records 604-059First concert after the
terrorist attack of September 11.
2001-10-06Seattle, Washington, Key ArenaTweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum, What's Going On In Washington???2CDEuro Boots 109-29Live debut Moonlight.
2001-10-12San José, CASan Jose 20012CDRattlesnake 170-719.5-10-
2001-10-27Chicago, ILUnited Center, Chicago2CD-A--
2001-10-28Milwaukee, WI, Cellular ArenaTrailing Moss In Mystic Glow2CDRattlesnake 087-889-
2001-11-03Nashville, TNMunicipal AuditoriumFlac/2CDOldToaD remaster, LB-5210A--
2001-11-19New York City, NY, Madison Square GardenIn the Garden 20013CDRattlesnake 104-05-068.5-9On additional disc nearly the entire Love And Theft release live.