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Townes Van Zandt
DateVenueTitleNo of DisksLabel/SourceSoundArt/Setlists/Info
1969-11-26New York City, NY, Carnegie HallA Gentle Evening With Townes Van Zandt1CDrSbdA+Commercial, nft
1970-10-20New York City, NYBob Fass Radio1CDrWBAI-FMB+w/Bob Fass; radio-disturbance
1972 or 1973Crested Butte, probably-FlacAudB+Rare versions of The Sheriff Of Crested Butte Blues & The Western Union Blues
1973-07-01Houston, TXThe Old Quarter2CDrSbdACommercial, nft
1973-11-09University of Minnesota, USAThe Whole Coffehouse1CDrFMA-Some radiodisturbance
1978-05-06East Lansing, MILive Mariah's Coffeehouse1CDr-A-With band
1980-05-24Kerrville, TXKerrville Folk Festival, the Quiet Valley RanchFlacAud, handheld cassette with built-in mic.B+Five songs.
1981-04-22Houston, TXAnderson Fair2CDr-B/A--
1981-08-01Santa Monica, CAMcCabes Guitar ShopFlac-Awith Mickey White opening for Ramblin' Jack Elliot
1984-05-20Temple, TX USATribute to Clyde Buchanan, at The Loading Chute1CDr-B+w/Blaze Foley
1984-07-15Houston, TX USALive at Rockerfeller's2CDr-AWith Band; tapehiss; seperate tracks
1985-04-18Johnson City, TN The Down HomeDown Home MusicFlacPre-FM AOfficial released in 2015, BRR 4031
1987-04-00Nashville, TNThe Cannery1CDr/Tao-A--
1987-05-31Charleston, WVCultural Theater Center the Mountain StageFlacSbdA-
1987-10-31Steenwijk, Holland-Flac/1CDr/Tao-B+With Band
1988-1994variousMy Sorrow When She's Here With MeFlacSbd/AudA/A+A fine scdegraaf compilation of dark Townes Van Zandt songs
1988-07-30New York City, NYSpeakeasyFlacAudB+Sound bit distant and muffled, microphone contact noises.
1988-10-28Hammilton, New ZealandNew Zealand 19882CDr-A--
1988-11-16San Francisco, CAGreat American Music HallFlac-A--
1988-11-18San Francisco, CASacred Grounds CoffeehouseFlac-A-Lot of tics in recording
1989-04-12Tubingen, Germanydas Sudhaus(America House)FlacSbdA-Speed seems to be fraction to slow
1989-04-20Villingen, Schwenningen, GermanyLive at Die Scheurer2CDr-A-
1989-05-26Nashville, TNThe Station InnFlacSbdA-
1990-06-15Saratoga, CAAt the Paul Masson Winery1CDr-A-
1990-08-29Boulder, COChautaqua AuditoriumFlacSbdAAlso sets from Robert Earl Keen and Guy Clark
1990-09-13Wellington, NZPaisley Park1CDr/90mSbd?ALast 2 tracks missing
1990-10-08YorkThe Winning PostFlacSbd?A-
1990-10-15Staffordshire, UKTrysull Village Hall2CDrSbdA-
1990-10-25Berlin, QuasimodoRain on a Conga Drum1CDrFMAcommercial released
1990-10-27UtrechtTivoli, 'Balkon Koncert'FlacAudA/B+Compiled from two recordings
1990-10-28HilversumVPRO/VARA Radio Studios1CDr/FlacStudio/FMAMusic and interview; recorded 1990-12-12. 3 bonus songs: VARA set 1992-02
1990-11-10Hearth, Pipersville, PA-FlacA 'teddy ballgame' Sbd DAT masterATownes' set in an evening of four sets: Robert Earl Keen, Townes van Zandt, Guy Clark, with set 4 being all three of them together.
1991-1992Hilversum2 meter sessiesFlacFMA+2004 Rebroadcast of 4 songs from his two 2 meter sessies, a Dutch radioprogram.
1991-10-19's HertogenboschLive at the Willem 2 ConcertzaalFlacAudA--
1991-10-19's HertogenboschLive at the Willem 2 ConcertzaalFlacAudA--
1992-08-13San Francisco, CAGreat American Music HallFlac'Teddy Ballgame' master/SbdA-
1992-11-12Austin, TXCactus CafeFlacSbd (remastered)AIncomplete show, 16 from 24 played songs.
1993-06-18HelsinkiTavastia ClubFlacFMAGreat sound, but an annoying background buzz between the songs. Townes opening for the Finnish rock band Melrose.
1993-07-16/17Kansas City, MO & Lawrence, KSIn-Studio Radio InterviewsFlacFMA/BTownes playing songs and talking about his music and the passing of Blaze Foley.
1993-10-06MarburgKultur- und FreizeitszentrumFlacaudASome audience talk and noises. Performance, stories and voice, as often, strongly influenced by alcohol.
1993-11-20Bethlehem, PA,Godfrey DanielsTexan Trilogy Take 2Flac/2CDrDylanvine/SbdA+-
1994-04-20DublinWhelan's PubFlac/1CDr-B+/A--
1994-04-22Roscrea, IrelandPathe Hotel, Roscrea1CDr/TaoSbdA-
1994-04-28Manchester, BBC radio 1 studiosMark Radcliffe sessionFlacSbd/FMA+Great session, Townes is on another planet but extremely funny. He should have performed 3 songs but talked
so much there was only time for 2. 1. interview; 2. Pancho and Lefty; 3. interview; 4. Kathleen; 5. interview.
1994-11-06LudenscheidHaus Der JugendFlacFM/AudA+WDR Radio Broadcast, plus three audience recorded tracks
1994-11-10HamburgKnustFlac/2CDrAudA-Taper notes: I think Townes was friends with the people who ran this club called Knust in Hamburg, he played there several times. There still is a club by that name but it is another location. The original Knust was closed in the late nineties.
1994-11-28LjubljanaClub K-4Flac/1CDrTAZ Records/SbdA+-
1994-11-30CesenaTeatro BogartFlac/1CDAud/RS MasterA--
1994-12-02Sesto Calende, ItalyOnly a Hobo1CDr/Tao/FlacFMA-
1994-12-09Manchester, University of ManchesterLive at The Hop & GrapeFlac/2CD-AVery talkative Townes, lot of jokes.
1995-01-17Austin, TXThe Solo Sessions1DVDFMA-
1995-02-10Santa Monica, CALive at McCabe's1CDrSbdA-
1995-02-16San Francisco, CAGreat American Music Hall '95Flac/2CDr-A-
1995-02-23Portland, MEEast Avenue TavernFlac/2CD-A--
1995-05-05AberdeenLive at The Lemon TreeFlac/2CDAudA--
1995-07-31Gelting, GermanyLive Im HinterhaltFlacAudA-Some distortion in first 2 tracks
1995-11-15Hanau, GermanyAlter SchlachthofFlac/2CDrSbdA-
1996-00-00unknownStudio Session 1CDrStudioA-
1996-11-04RotterdamRotownFlacSonghunter/AudA-Townes is almost to drunk to talk and play. Stops show in the middle of a song "because I don't want to fall".
1996-11-10SolingenSteinenhaus The Cornish PubFlac/1CDrSbd/Jerry Moore's cloneAThe tour in the last months of 1996 should never have taken place. Townes is in poor physical condition and drunk during most shows. A lot of drunken talk, but nevertheless sometimes also gems of songs.
1996-11-15HannoverCafe GlockseeFlac-A-
1996-11-19WürzburgAutonomes kulturzentrumFlac-APainful to hear this concert, one of the last before he died. Townes is drunk, speakes slowly and breaks bottles and glasses on stage. Nevertheless he performes some impressive songs.
1996-12-03Borderline, LondonTownes' Final Show1CDr-A--
1997-12-07Austin City, TXA Tribute to Townes van Zandt1CDrSbdA+Austin City Limits